The Dance Of Agrumato

Agrumato Agrumato Oils are an ancient style of Olive Oil, originally made in Abruzzo on the Costa dei Trabocchi, on the Adriatic Sea. The technique involves adding whole fruit to the olives when they are processed into oil. This method was discovered when millers would use lemons to clean their mills, as the acidity from the lemons would rinse out the old oil and prevent rancidity. The result, they found, was a new, fragrant and delicious style of olive oil that harmoniously blended bright citrus flavors with the pungency of the oil. The original Agrumatos used citrus like lemon, orange and tangerine. At McEvoy Ranch, we make a Lemon Olive Oil and, for the first time this year, a Jalapeno Olive Oil. We released these oils in the spring of 2018. These are finishing oils, meant to be sprinkled on greens, vegetables, meats and even fruit. Their aromatics and powerful flavors will enhance just about anything your imagination can conjure. Check out the video we produced to see these beautiful Agrumato oils being made! Shop our new Agrumato style olive oils.