The Windmill

windmill-skyAfter over seven years of planning, friends, family and staff gathered at McEvoy Ranch last Wednesday, June 10th, to proudly celebrate our new 225 kW Norwin windmill. As the largest windmill installed in Marin County and the first privately-owned windmill of its size in the state of California, our hope is that this installation will serve as a model for sustainable agriculture and renewable energy both in Marin and beyond. The windmill tower stands 97 feet tall, with blades reaching 50 feet long, for a total height of 147 feet. Its hilltop location was carefully chosen after consultations with the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory and other biologists, to ensure that its placement would avoid impact with local wildlife, while providing adequate wind.windmill-les By reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 110 tons per year, the windmill is expected to meet all of our electrical energy needs and fully pay for itself in sixteen years. Therefore, its installation represents an investment to the environment, as well an investment to the future of McEvoy Ranch.