This blog is brought to you by the letter S

Susan serving sangria Susan serving sangria
Yes, this blog is brought to you by the letter 'S' for Susan, my co-worker whom I would like to take a moment to talk about. Originally from Tennessee, Susan arrived in San Francisco for culinary school and began working at McEvoy Ranch in the S.F. Ferry Building. Susan is a uniquely talented person who has found her niche here at McEvoy Ranch, constantly practicing McEvoy magic, personal touch. Susan, in collaboration with the rest of the McEvoy team has brought into being Tasty Tuesdays (a taste of McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil and produce every Tuesday), OLIVE IT (the lovely blog that you're reading right now), and the ever so popular McEvoy Sangria that Susan is serving in the photo above. Susan's personal touch has been applied to many other projects from the top secret project at the ranch with Gerald and Mark, to simply gift wrapping a bottle of oil.