Tomato Starts

It's tomato-planting time! For the next few weeks we'll be sending a variety of organic tomato plants down to our SF Ferry Building shop. Add sun, water, a little TLC and enjoy the fruits of your labor in about three months with a healthy drizzle of our extra virgin olive oil. Here's a look at what we'll be selling... CHERRY/EARLY TOMATOES Matt's Wild - Small, grape-sized red cherry tomato that is packed with sweet, juicy flavor and produces clusters of fruit. Plants can tolerate a bit of cooler weather. 65-70 days, indeterminate New Girl - Delicious early season tomato that is better tasting and more disease resistant than the popular Early Girl variety. 62 days, indeterminate Sun Gold - Small, orange hybrid variety with vigorous growth that yields early and bears right through the season. Pop one in your mouth like candy; they're arguably the sweetest tomato. 57 days, indeterminate LARGE TOMATOES Arkansas Traveler - Very flavorful, rose-pink, heirloom variety with 8 ounce fruits that are great for hotter climates. Late season ripeners. 85 days, indeterminate German Queen - Luscious, sweet pink beefsteak heirloom with incredible flavor and large, meaty fruit. Tall, vigorous potato-leaved plants. 80 days, indeterminate. Persimmon - A vigorous, beefsteak variety with beautiful gold persimmon hue, excellent flavor and very few seeds. 80-90 days, indeterminate