True Blue Mirror: A New Exhibition At McEvoy Foundation for the Arts

The nature of relationships seems to be at the heart of much of what intrigues Nion McEvoy. The very existence of McEvoy Ranch, where elegant statuary and architecture nestle amidst olive orchards in a remote, untamed setting, suggest that juxtaposition, contrast and intersection are central to the McEvoy spirit. It's unsurprising then, that Nion would bring together two artists, who had not met previously, to form an exhibition in which one medium and form, seemingly unrelated to the other, takes on new dimensions when viewed through the lens of the other. True Blue Mirror,an exhibit running through May 4th at the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, presents the premiere showing of two New York based artists, both from the McEvoy Family Collection. The sculptural constructs of Ellen Birkenblit, using the found materials of everyday life, and the lively, Pop-infused paintings of Sarah Braman, form a conversation, or performance of sorts, each shape-shifting the other in ways that are both surprising and, upon reflecting, not unexpected. The obvious differences in scale and dimension give way to the commonalities tucked away in intent and influence, and although they had not previously met, one can see the possibilities of the two artists forming successful future collaborations. The exhibit, curated by Kevin Moore, includes photographs selected by the artists from the McEvoy Family Collection. The McEvoy Foundation for the Arts (MFA) presents exhibitions and events which engage, expand, and challenge themes in the McEvoy Family Collection. Established in 2017, MFA’s vision is to create an open, intimate, and welcoming setting for private contemplation and community discussion about art and culture. Open Tuesday through Saturday and free to the public, the Foundation is located at 1150 25th Street, Building B, in San Francisco. You can learn more about MFA and the current exhibit here.