Unearthing the Fruits and Labors at McEvoy Ranch

Bee Friendly Blog: News from around the Ranch, courtesy of longtime Orchard Manager, Shari DeJoseph McEvoy Ranch is a Bee Friendly Farm! We are certified by Partners for Sustainable Pollination (www.pfspbees.com), a nonprofit organization working to support the health of honey bees and beneficial insects. The main criterion for being a Bee Friendly Farmer is the intentional planting of flowering habitats for bees and beneficial insects (the spraying of chemicals is prohibited, also). We are continually expanding our intentional habitats with flowering plants of annuals, shrubs and trees. Our objective is to provide four seasons of nectar and pollen sources to those populations by ensuring that there are always plants in bloom for them. We do this by planting California natives as much as possible but sometimes have to fill in the seasons with non-natives. Folks are beginning to notice all of the thoughtful intention that we are putting into this important endeavor. Recently, when a county agriculture entomologist was monitoring insect traps here on the ranch, he commented that we have an amazingly large beneficial insect population, particularly for our location and the season—which not only makes our honey bees happy, it makes us very happy as well! And, the November 2010 issue of Bee Culture (www.beeculture.com) mentions our efforts and features photographs of some of our plantings in an article about Bee Friendly Farming certification. Everyone can help create more habitats for honey bees, beneficial insects and pollinators by carefully selecting plants that will provide bountiful food sources for these friendly insects that we so depend on. Look for the green Bee Friendly logo near our honey… -Ananda