Unearthing the Fruits and Labors at McEvoy Ranch: News from the orchards courtesy of longtime Orchard Manager, Shari DeJoseph

We are beginning to blush! The beautiful olive fruit that is teeming on our trees is starting to show its dazzling green to-deepest purple spectrum of color. This means we are cautiously optimistic that we will commence harvest soon. The relatively warm weather in our forecast only amplifies our enthusiasm and expectations. The heralding cultivars are Leccino and Pendolino—these varieties are always the earliest to color, however it is the variety Frantoio which begins ripening a couple weeks later that determines when we start to harvest. With 80 acres of orchards we are fortunate that the trees do not ripen all at once due to the variation in soil and microclimates on the ranch. Consequently, we are able to begin harvesting where the fruit is ripest first, and follow the ripening through the orchard blocks. Our harvest spans two to three weeks, and we are able to pick everything at its ideal stage of ripening. We will be monitoring the trees very closely, and examining the olive fruit to determine ripeness and oil content. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the visual splendor of 18,000 trees laden with olives! -Ananda