Unique Olio Nuovo

McEvoy Ranch Olio Nuovo Fresh and new, intense and raw - Olio Nuovo is a long established culinary tradition in Italy. The fresh unfiltered oil made from olives harvested in the first two weeks of the season is released in early December. It is Amaranth green to the eye and grassy and fruity on the palate. The freshness of Olio Nuovo is what makes it unique and, while it is tempting to save it for special occasions, the best thing you can do is to enjoy it now. Treat it like exquisitely fresh seafood or a perfectly ripe peach. Salad greens turn from the tender leaves of spring and summer to fall and winter’s heartier escaroles and radicchios that stand up and shine with a drizzle of this oil. The rich round flavor of the oil is beautifully balanced by the slightly bitter assertive flavors of the greens. Grilled or caramelized fennel drizzled with a little Olivo Nuovo and spritzed with lemon zest and juice tastes amazing. Roast those vegetables that are coming into season now - all those delicious roots - turnip, rutabaga and parsnip as well as the sweet options of rich winter squash. Enrich them with Olio Nuovo. I have a friend who said he spent his whole life trying to like rutabagas until he finally was able to do so with the addition of McEvoy Ranch Olio Nuovo! Figs - don’t forget the figs! The few that are left are soft and sweet. Caramelize them in a pan and drizzle them with Olio Nuovo. Add a dash of McEvoy Ranch Aged Balsamic Vinegar and serve them on a soft pillow of fresh ricotta cheese. It’s mushroom foraging season! Forage or find them in your grocery store and roast them with Olio Nuovo! Enrich your roasted cauliflower soup with our oil and a sprinkle of Dukkah or roasted hazelnuts. Make pumpkin hummus, garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds and Olio Nuovo. We haven’t even started to talk about crab … Crab season in Northern California off the Sonoma Coast opened on time for the first time in three years. Fresh Dungeness Crab is in local markets now, allowing us to indulge in the local tradition of succulent crab for Christmas and Chinese New Year. Mayonnaise, tartar sauce and butter aside - nothing is so delicious on fresh crab as Olio Nuovo and a squeeze of local Meyer lemon. Freshness upon freshness. Enjoy this local marvel and rejoice in the harvest! Buy Olio Nuovo.