An Update Regarding Olive Harvest and Smoke Taint

McEvoy Ranch Olive Branch As the first gallons of oil come pouring out of the mill today, we are experiencing a heightened sense of excitement and relief. The first day of harvest is always exhilarating and momentous. Today, however, carries additional weight because of the recent North Bay Fires. Not only are we so grateful that the ranch and all our staff are safe, but the oil is coming out unscathed by the weeks it spent ensconced in smoke. We harbored a bit of concern that the oil would have picked up some smoky flavor during the fires so we ran a few pre-harvest trials with the UC Davis Olive Center and did not detect any off flavors. And today we are tasting the olive oil from the first full day of harvesting and milling and it is arriving as fresh and vibrant and fruity as ever. Olives truly are tough and resilient; no wonder Athena was lauded by the Greeks when she presented the olive tree as “the greatest gift to mankind”. We are so eager to share our Olio Nuovo with you and will have it ready for sale on December 1. We wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving this year especially. Cheers to a peaceful and bountiful holiday.