Wandering Around Wanderlust: Our Favorite Memories

Stratton, Vermont and Squaw Valley, California have more in common than just stunning mountain views. This year, we had the great privilege of unveiling our new ODE x 10,000 Buddhas Ritual Wellness Kit collaboration at each of these ski towns as part of our Wanderlust launch tour. Joined by 10,000 Buddhas herself (AKA Amanda Giacomini), each stop was filled with inspiring moments, both on and off the yoga mat. Wandering Wanderlust with 10000 Buddhas If you haven't heard of Wanderlust, it's a global yoga festival geared toward helping you find your true north by cultivating wellness, grounding, and mindfulness. With our Wanderlust veteran, 10,000 Buddhas, leading the way, we fully immersed ourselves in the natural highs each festival locale and experience offered. There were high-energy yoga classes (led by both Amanda and her husband, MC Yogi), restorative walking meditation adventures, gondola rides, and meetings with fellow wellness brands—that became fast friends—such as Health-Ade Kombucha, Hippeas, I Am Earthbound, La Croix, and LOVEthirteen. Stratton's picturesque New England ski village took our breath away upon arrival. But on day two, we woke up to an unseasonably cold day that caught us California natives off guard. Armed with just a single layer to keep us warm—thanks to our 10,000 Buddhas scarves—we had to get resourceful. Luckily, we were visiting in the off season and found winter hats and jackets on clearance, so we stocked up and put together some very interesting California summer-meets-New England winter ensembles to stay cozy in our booth. And for our dry lips? ODE Olive Oil Lip Balm, of course! ODE Natural Beauty Lip Balm_10000 Buddhas Thank goodness we had some McEvoy Ranch Rosebud Rosé on hand to offer laughs as we reflected on some of the sillier moments of our days. Closer to home in Squaw Valley, we got to experience Amanda’s 10,000 Buddhas traveling mural and watch how her symbolic art moved people to strike a pose, again and again. The most meaningful memories, though, were those powerful moments inside our booth when connections and inspiration happened. Stocked with plenty of our ritual wellness kits: for love, for peace, and for health, Amanda offered ritual blessings to each of our visitors based on what each person was seeking to bring into his or her life.
  • For those engaged or suffering from a recent break-up, she offered blessings for love to bring abundance and deep heart opening.
  • For visitors who came to our booth struggling to ease their minds, she offered blessings for peace to bring a cloud of calm and serenity.
  • And for people who stopped by seeking wellness for themselves or to support friends or family battling disease or terminal illness, she offered blessings for health to support immunity and balance.
Overall, our time at Wanderlust was nothing short of inspirational. We can’t wait to go back next year! Until then, if you want to hang out with Amanda, join her (and us!) at Mohonk Mountain House, September 6–8, for a Ritual Wellness Weekend. This event is sure to be packed with more creativity, mindfulness, serenity, and magic. We hope to see you there!