We say: Tomato!

We love diversity at the ranch, so every year our tomato crop is a little different from the previous year's. This season we'll be harvesting thirty different varieties of hybrid and heirloom tomatoes, and we can't wait to see which ones we like the most in Gerald's gazpacho, which ones are perfect with a little salt and our extra virgin olive oil and which tomatoes make the perfect addition to our Labor Day cheeseburger... Here's a little guide from our organic produce coordinator, Willow, to help you navigate these juicy fruits. Be on the lookout for a selection of these each week in our Ferry Building shop delivery beginning tomorrow through the season. Enjoy! CHERRY/EARLY TOMATOES
Amish Red - meaty, 1 1/2-inch long, oblong-shaped, bright red tomatoes with a sharply pointed end; delicious sweet flavor with a slightly tart finish; heirloom Indigo Rose - exceptionally high in anti-oxidants; dark purple skin when exposed to direct sunlight with bright red flesh; great flavor with plum overtones Matt's Wild - small, grape-sized red cherry tomato that is packed with sweet, juicy flavor; heirloom New Girl - delicious early season tomato; better tasting and more disease-resistant than Early Girls Reisetomate - single fruit appears like a big bunch of cherry tomatoes all fused together that can be torn apart, one piece at a time, with no need for a knife; this variety has roots in Central America where native people would carry them on trips to eat as they walked; strong flavor and high acidity; heirloom Sungold- small, orange fruit; arguably the sweetest tomato around; pop them in your mouth like candy
Amish Paste - very productive heirloom paste tomato that produces up to 12 oz deep-red, oxheart-shaped meaty fruit; sweet flavor and great for sauce Black Plum Paste - a Russian heirloom variety that produces 2-inch elongated plum-shaped fruits; deep mahogany color, with dusty-green shoulders; unique sweet and tangy flavor Costoluto Genovese - a beautifully ribbed Italian heirloom variety with large, deep-red, juicy fruit Full Flavored Paste - prolific, red 2 to 3-inch paste tomato with excellent flavor; ideal for sauces Granadero - uniform, attractive, bright red tomatoes with great flavor; 4 to 5-ounces; thick-walled fruit that is great for tomato sauces, salsas and salads San MarzanoLa Roma II - larger fruit than a standard Roma tomato; excellent fruit for sauces San Marzano - excellent canning tomato; mild flavor and meaty texture; small to medium-sized red fruits that grow in clusters
Arkansas Traveler - very flavorful, rose-pink fruits; 8 ounces in size; heirloom Green Zebra - unusual and exquisite green tomato favored by Alice Waters of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA; 2-inch fruit ripens to a yellow gold Nyagous - prolific, rare Russian heirloom; beautiful smooth, "black" tomatoes that are a dark mahogany with dark grey-green shoulders; wonderfully firm and blemish-free; sweet, complex fruit flavors and a clean, acidic finish
Aunt Ginny's Purple - productive beefsteak heirloom of German origin; 1 pound, deep pink, juicy tomatoes; excellent for salads and sandwiches Big Zebra - deep red and green striped skin with pink and green flesh; medium to large flesh with a mild sweet flavor; heirloom Black Seaman - Russian heirloom that produces medium-sized brownish-pink fruits with olive-green shading; rich flavor Brandywine - pink Amish heirloom variety from the 1880's; exceptionally rich, succulent tomato flavor favored by chefs; reddish-pink skin with light, creamy flesh; fruits average 12 ounces, but can grow up to 2 pounds Caspian Pink - prolific 1-2 pound Russian heirloom; globe-shaped, beefsteak fruit rivals Brandywine in popularity and flavor; heirloom Cherokee Purple - an heirloom from Tennessee cultivated by a Native American Cherokee tribe; dusty rose to purple skin and deep red flesh, averaging 12 ounces to 1 pound in size; rich, complex and sweet flavors German Giant - 2 pound fruits; beautiful, deep-pink tomatoes that are very similar to Brandywines, but mature earlier; rich, complex and sweet flavor; heirloom German Queen - luscious, sweet pink beefsteak heirloom with incredible flavor and large, meaty fruit Marvel Stripe - sweet and juicy heirloom tomato from the Zapotec people; few seeds with large, yellow-orange fruit and ruby-red stripes Middle Tennessee - beefsteak fruit with very good flavor and very low acidity; 1-2 pounds Mortage Lifter - large, slightly flattened pink-red fruits that range from one pound to more than three pounds; meaty, flavorful with few seeds; heirloom Persimmon - vigorous beefsteak variety with beautiful reddish-gold persimmon color and very fine flavor; meaty with few seeds; heirloom Rosso Sicilian - 3-inch, thick-skinned, flattened fruit with a fluted shape; heirloom Tasty Evergreen - grapefruit yellow when fully ripened, with green flesh; luscious and tender with a strong, sweet flavor; heirloom