William Morris Will Save Us From The Robot Apocalypse.

William Morris was an accomplished designer, poet, novelist and businessman, but he is best known for inspiring (some say founding) what became the Arts and Crafts movement in the late 19th century. A reaction to the mass production of goods during the Industrial Revolution, Arts and Crafts heralded an increased appreciation of the decorative arts and put renewed emphasis on the importance of human-centric design and manufacture. Today we're watching a new revolution in automation and artificial intelligence unfold before our eyes. Self driving cars and robotic food service are just the tip of the iceberg; experiencing science fiction infiltrate our daily lives is both numbing and frightening. Tim Leberecht in Psychology Today has penned an insightful article examining how the principles of Arts and Crafts can apply to our working life. Finding sustainability, meaning and value in work beyond the balance sheet is a dream we all share; embracing the ideals of Morris may be the path to living the dream. Read it here. Via Psychology Today