Young Greens + Teen Beets

howtousemicrogreens-blogpost "Surprising, mind-bending, seductive," are the words Thomas Keller, executive chef of The French Laundry, has used to describe microgreens. "Mind-bending" may be a stretch, but delicate baby greens are definitely more interesting than spring mix....that is, if you're trying to work more salad into your new year. Beyond being packed with vitamins and minerals, microgreens are like tiny bursts of flavor. They can add depth to a mediocre meal with just a few leaves, but they also bring elements of color and texture that can make nearly anything homemade a little bit fancy. For months Willow has been growing and harvesting an assortment of young greens for our Ferry Building shop and local chefs. Sometimes it's hearty, ruffled micro kale or dainty clusters of tendriled pea shoots, and from time to time, it's my personal favorite: "teen beets." These are bull's blood, chiogga and golden beets in that in-between stage with gorgeous red-veined leaves and, for me, just enough earthy flavor. Here are a few of my favorite ways to enjoy young greens (and I'd love to hear yours!):
  • sprinkle micro persian cress over scrambled eggs
  • top Dungeness crab soup with a few pea shoots
  • add some green to pizza bianca with micro arugula
  • sprinkle micro kale over hearty winter soups like minestrone
  • add a few micro red choi next time you're rolling sushi, just like Delica-RF1
  • Bloody Mary garnish: red chiogga and golden "teen beets"
  • simple salad with olio nuovo, assorted microgreens and shaved pecorino
As Willow mentioned, we have kyona mizuna, red choi, persian cress and tuscan kale microgreens available in our Ferry Building shop this week. For the most up-to-date produce availability, please call us at 415-291-7224. Enjoy!