Your Fall Pantry Essential: Tuscan Table Olives

Since we're often asked, yes, our Tuscan Table Olives do have pits. Similarly unlike many grocery-store brands, our olives fall on the smaller end of the cured olive spectrum, and these are two of the reasons we love them most. Tuscan Table Olives By leaving our little stone fruits in their natural state, that is to say: not piercing their flesh to remove pits, we're preserving the natural flavor of the fruit. Once pierced, the center of the olive can be overtaken by the strong salt and vinegar notes in the brine. This compromises flavor and texture considerably. Composed of the same size Italian cultivars that we use to produce our Traditional blend extra virgin olive oil, our cured olives range in size from just bigger than a green pea to a table grape. Smallish, yes, but looks can be deceiving.olives branch In fact, these little gems are the most flavorful little shots of salt to nibble on between meals. Following our harvest for oil production, our organic olives are hand-harvested and hand-sorted. This process helps ensure that they're free of any blemishes, imperfections and even a trace of our McEvoy Ranch nemesis: the elusive fruit fly. Next, they're brine-cured with a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar, resulting in a crisp, and versatile ingredient for your pantry. olivesEnjoy them right out of the jar with wine and cheese between meals. Try marinating them with citrus zest, crushed red pepper, fennel seeds or fresh herbs. Pit them and add a handful to your next pasta or salad. Or enjoy them just like Nan did, in a dirty McEvoy Martini. Order Tuscan Table Olives for your house today.