1. Classic Italian Bruschetta from McEvoy Ranch

    Classic Italian Bruschetta

    McEvoy Ranch Italian bruschetta is scrumptious. Rub fresh garlic on grilled bread and then top with this classic spread. Classic Bruschetta is also tasty as a dipping sauce for meatballs, making an appealing appetizer that is easy. learn more »
  2. Artichoke Lemon Bruschetta from McEvoy Ranch

    Artichoke Lemon Bruschetta

    McEvoy Ranch Artichoke Lemon Bruschetta is excellent as a topping for Petrale Sole. Of course, you can always chose the traditional (and tasty!) route by spreading artichoke bruschetta on toasted baguette slices. learn more »
  3. Cherry Pepper Bruschetta from McEvoy Ranch

    Cherry Pepper Bruschetta

    Red cherry peppers combined with fresh tomatoes give this bruschetta a mouthwatering sweet savory taste. It is perfect with mild cheeses and a slice of freshly baked country bread from your local Farmers' Market. learn more »
  4. Mediterranean Bruschetta from McEvoy Ranch

    Mediterranean Bruschetta

    McEvoy Ranch Mediterranean Bruschetta contains fresh ingredients of artichokes, tomatoes, red bell peppers, black olives, and garlic. This bruschetta is everything we love about Mediterranean cuisine in a single bite! It is excellent on grilled lamb. learn more »