• McEvoy Ranch California Blend Olive Oil - 500 mL
  • McEvoy Ranch California Blend Olive Oil Information
McEvoy Ranch California Blend Olive Oil - 500 mL McEvoy Ranch California Blend Olive Oil Information

California Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 mL

McEvoy Ranch


Estimated Delivery Date: 09/26/2018 - 10/01/2018


To produce our McEvoy Ranch California Blend, we partnered with Longview Ranch and Olivina Orchard, both family-owned and operated in California. Farmers through and through, they share many of the same values that we do including a commitment to the high quality efforts it takes to produce fruit that can be certified Extra Virgin olive oil.

We selected the Frantoio, Leccino, Mission, Cortina, and Sevillano for our McEvoy Ranch California Blend.

There’s a delicate sweetness with a touch of herbaceous and tropical notes woven into the oil that will be complementary to your cooking.

The California Blend came about as many of our loyal customers repeatedly asked us for an olive oil that could be used for a variety of cooking applications that had the quality and benefits of olive oil but was more “all-purpose” versus using our highly coveted Traditional Blend. After months of blending and experimenting, we found the optimum blend. The lab analysis based on the strict Olive Oil Commission of California and the USDA standards indicates our olive oil is of the utmost quality. Now you can enjoy olive oil every day from someone you trust.

From a use standpoint, this is one versatile offering. Use it for pan-frying fish, chicken cutlets, stuffed zucchini flowers, or anything breaded. Perfect for deep-frying donuts or a turkey. Try it when high heat sautéing or stir-fry cooking. Excellent for oven-roasting vegetables, especially if over 400 degrees. Our Culinary Director calls it her new all-purpose cooking oil. We hope you’ll agree!

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