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Our jams, marmalades, and spreads are handcrafted and packed with local, juicy fruit and vegetables. Delicious on your favorite slice of bread or use in a recipe for an extra punch of flavor!

Jams & Spreads

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  1. Organic Wildflower Honey from McEvoy Ranch in CA

    Wildflower Honey

    McEvoy Ranch Natural Wildflower Honey’s richness and complexity is rooted in its source fields of redbud, rose clover, and wild lilac from Northern California’s Capay Valley. learn more »
  2. Organic Apple Butter from McEvoy Ranch

    Apple Butter 7 Oz

    Gravenstein and Granny Smith apples give this apple butter the perfect flavor. learn more »
  3. Orange Marmalade by McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma, CA

    Orange Marmalade

    McEvoy Ranch California Orange Marmalade is so versatile you will always want to keep it in your cupboards. Spread the orange marmalade on freshly baked croissants while you're sipping on a cappuccino learn more »
  4. Lemon Marmalade by McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma, CA

    Lemon Marmalade

    McEvoy Ranch Lemon Marmalade is the perfect way to enjoy California sunshine every day. The Lemon Marmalade can be added to a goat cheese crostini for a quick appetizer. learn more »
  5. Spiced Pear Jam by McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma, CA

    Spiced Pear Jam

    Comfort food meet McEvoy Ranch Spiced Pear Jam. Pear preserves plucked from our organic orchards, we use a mixture of Asian, Duchess Bronze, Conference, Duchess D'Angeline, and Seckel pears to handcraft this jam. learn more »
  6. Spicy Sweet Pepper Jam by McEvoy Ranch

    Spicy Sweet Pepper Jam

    This delightful mix of peppers gives our jam the right balance of spicy and sweet. Mix it with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create a dipping sauce for freshly cracked crab. Warm it on its own for egg rolls or wings. Combine it to make your deviled eggs all the more interesting. Superb when blended with cream cheese to use as a spread on toasted slices of bread. learn more »
  7. Savory Fig Jam by McEvoy Ranch

    Savory Fig Jam

    Cheese meets its BFF with our Savory Fig Jam that has a touch of balsamic vinegar. Enjoy it with Camembert, Stilton, or a decadent Triple Crème. Glaze ham or duck for a touch of sweetness. Serve as a savory condiment for a turkey panini or with your morning sausages. It is the perfect addition to your charcuterie plate for appetizers. learn more »
  8. Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam by McEvoy Ranch

    Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam

    Stir our Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam into corn chowder or cauliflower purée soup. Slather it on your hot dog instead of ordinary ketchup. Simmer it with a pot of black beans for a hearty dish. Top off a grilled skirt steak or deglaze a pan with it to create a sauce. Try it on top of creamy polenta. learn more »

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