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  • Cheese Straws

    Cheese Straws Recipe

    Cheese Lovers rejoice! Registration is now open for the 23rd annual California Artisan Cheese Festival. The Festival is a nonprofit organization with the mission of educating people who want to learn more about artisan cheese and support the artisan cheesemaking community and its sustainability. It also promotes celebration and enjoyment of the creations of artisan cheesemakers.
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  • Fats

    McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil Good Fat

    There are vast cultural differences in how fat is perceived. It can be a touchy subject on a lot of different levels. I am not making any attempt to pass judgment, just to acknowledge that fat is a building block of all food and a major determinant of flavor.  Fat is essential to our survival. It provides back up energy and energy storage.  It is necessary for nutrient absorption, brain growth and neurological development.
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  • Biscotti


    Leisen’s Bridgeway Farms is a regular stop for me at the Santa Rosa Veterans Building Farmers’ Market. They have outstanding produce and amazing microgreens in addition to honey, eggs and chickens. They lost everything in the Tubbs Fire but have bravely showed up at the market regularly since then with some storage produce and some winter vegetables, including Dutch cabbage. Dutch cabbage is cone shaped and very sweet.
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  • Orange Salad with Olio Nuovo

    Orange Salad with Olio Nuovo

    I have not had any difficulty finding ways to enjoy McEvoy’s just released 2017 Olio Nuovo.  I have drizzled it on all winter soups, crab feasts and roasted vegetables.  A friend of mine says her husband has been pouring it on his burritos.  When it’s good - it’s good. While cruising through recipes on the internet, I came across a delight at the intersection of Olio Nuovo and  winter citrus.
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  • Braising

    I am unable to resist adding cookbooks to my already bountiful collection, even when an internet search can find any recipe one needs. I do plenty of internet searches as well, but cookbooks are special. The personality of the writer comes through for me in cookbooks in a unique way. I read them like novels. I learn a little about the author’s life, their stories and why they cook.
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  • Warm Winter Salads

    Salad lovers, take heart. While summer salads are all crunchy and refreshing, winter salads can be warm and luxurious.  Salads in winter take on a different persona than their summer cousins.  Winter salads have a responsibility to deliver the refreshing experience of a salad but with richer and deeper flavors and textures. Preparation is simple and so is clean up - charming attributes in any season.
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