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Tyler Florence’s Party Olives

Crisp and flavorful, our cured Tuscan table olives are a versatile pantry staple. Brine-cured in a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar, they are perfect for nibbling before meals, alongside our reds and even in a martini. They also make a delicious tapenade and offer a perfect foundation for marinating, which local chefs seem to love. Make Tyler Florence’s Party Olives for your next appetizer with this simple recipe.

Here’s a simple trick chef Tyler Florence shared a while back in Food & Wine that might come in handy for “spicing” up your table.

Tyler’s Spicy Olives with Orange


How to Make It: Heat olive oil with garlic, rosemary, orange slices and fresh red chiles. Pour over mixed olives. Serve at room temperature.

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