Sustainable Living

Fresh From the Ranch 10/8/2013

Wonder what it takes for produce to reach you? Follow our #sprout2shop tag on instagram and join your favorite ingredients journey from the ranch to our San Francisco Ferry Building location.

  • edible flowers
  • mixed herb bunches
  • silverado & rainbow chard
  • tuscan dino & red russian kale
  • butter lettuce
  • bull’s blood beets
  • roc d’or yellow wax & tavera green beans
  • baby zucchetta & zucchini summer squash
  • purple top turnips
  • deadon cabbage
  • shelling peas
  • islander purple bell peppers
  • padron chiles
  • seascape strawberries
  • brown turkey figs
  • seckel & duchess bronze pears
  • kaffir limes
  • meyer lemons
  • BABY GREENS: pea greens
  • BY THE STEM: belladonna amaryllis, broom corn, autumn torch amaranth, & assorted sunflowers
  • FLOWER BUNCHES: zinnias with bay

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