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Jalapeno Olive Oil

McEvoy Ranch created two special olive oils this year - Lemon Olive Oil and Jalapeno Olive Oil. I loved the Lemon Olive Oil from last year but honestly, this year’s... Read more »

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  • Entertaining Shortcuts

    Cheese, Charcuterie, Tapenades, Toasts and Bites.

    It is possible to be prepared for impromptu visitors and set yourself up to enjoy the visits instead of being stressed out by them. Even if the visits are planned, you may have had one of those days where everything took twice as long as you programmed. A little strategy can help. Stock your pantry for success. With a tapenade, some McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil and Tuscan Table Olives together with some salami and cheese and a baguette, you have options for stress free nibbles.
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  • Olive Oil Cake

    The November 2017 issue of Bon Appetit inspired me to cook a recipe for Slow-Cooked Collard Greens in Olive Oil. The greens were spectacular and it was an easy step to try the Olive Oil Cake recipe that was included in the article.
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  • Salt

    Mcevoy Ranch Salt

    Salt is one of those topics that, the more you know about it, the more you know you don’t know. Books have been written about salt. Wars have been fought related to salt - who owned or had rights to it. Salt as a food related element shaped how humans and society developed.
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  • Eat your Greens

    I suppose most of us have heard that phrase at one time or another - from a well meaning family member, friend or health professional. There is good science involved and happily for many of us, eating greens is a pleasure.
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  • The Dance Of Agrumato


    Agrumato Oils are an ancient style of Olive Oil, originally made in Abruzzo on the Costa dei Trabocchi, on the Adriatic Sea. The technique involves adding whole fruit to the olives when they are processed into oil. This method was discovered when millers would use lemons to clean their mills, as the acidity from the lemons would rinse out the old oil and prevent rancidity. The result, they found, was a new, fragrant and delicious style of olive oil that harmoniously blended bright citrus flavors with the pungency of the oil.
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  • Unique Olio Nuovo

    McEvoy Ranch Olio Nuovo

    Fresh and new, intense and raw - Olio Nuovo is a long established culinary tradition in Italy. The fresh unfiltered oil made from olives harvested in the first two weeks of the season is released in early December. It is Amaranth green to the eye and grassy and fruity on the palate.
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  1. Olive Oil: Beyond the Basics Workshop
    Olive Oil: Beyond the Basics Workshop
    WHEN: 16 September, 2018

    Olive Oil: Beyond the Basics Workshop
    Sunday, September 16th 2018
    Explore advanced tasting techniques in this workshop at McEvoy Ranch.
    Read more »
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