The Last Early Girls

As we move deeper into November tomatoes become limited at the farmer’s market.  I realize we are extremely lucky here in California because we still have local tomatoes.  I love... Read more »

Fresh Press Blog

  • Fermented Vegetables with Grilled Food

    I tend to think about fermented foods in the winter months. Fermentation was a way to have vegetables throughout the year before there was refrigeration. That was a long time ago for those of us in the first world but Father’s Day is coming and, let’s face it, a little...
  • Sue Ann and the Impromptu Biscuits

    It is very gratifying when our McEvoy Ranch Social Club members share their creations with us. This title represents a genius idea from one of our Club members. Sue Ann used our McEvoy Ranch Tapenades to create biscuits as a last minute contribution to an impromptu potluck. As previously stated...
  • Lemon Olive Oil Biscotti

    The word biscotti translated means “twice baked”. These almond biscuits are also known as Cantuccini where they originated in the city of Prato in Tuscany. They are traditionally served to be dipped in Vin Santo (holy wine). Vin Santo is a viscous, sweet dessert wine that is unique to Tuscany...
  • Jalapeno Olive Oil

    McEvoy Ranch created two special olive oils this year - Lemon Olive Oil and Jalapeno Olive Oil. I loved the Lemon Olive Oil from last year but honestly, this year’s lemon oil is even better. The lemon flavor is exceptionally fresh and bright. The Jalapeno Olive Oil is new for...
  • Dukkah aka Dugga

    Dukkah, alternatively spelled Dukka or Dugga is a spice and nut mixture that originated in Egypt but is common in cuisines throughout the Mediterranean. The components vary from family to family and vendor to vendor. The mixture can be as simple as crushed mint with salt and pepper which is...
  • Santa Rosa Seafood

    I started buying fresh fish from Santa Rosa Seafood many years ago when they first set up shop at the Vet’s Building Farmer’s Market in Santa Rosa. I’m guessing it was probably late 90’s. They were new to selling at the market and a little disorganized at first. It was...

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