• Artichoke Bruschetta to the Rescue

    These beautiful summer days beget a leisurely  pace - a willingness to slow down and smell the roses. I notice, however, that a day at the beach or a summer day outside in general does not seem to slow down appetite. While our desire for food during the day may...
  • Potato Salad - Vinaigrette

    First day of Summer and my thoughts turn to potato salad. July 4th is coming up and there are a couple other prompts, but Summer and potato salad do seem to go together. There are as many versions of potato salad as there are families, friends and church suppers. I...
  • Fennel Salad with Burrata

    Fennel Salad with Burrata

    Burrata is a luscious indulgence of a cheese. The word translated to English means “buttered”. It is made by pulling a pouch of mozzarella cheese and filling it with bits of stracciatella (mozzarella curd) and cream. The flavor is milky and buttery. It should be consumed simply, featured in a recipe where the cheese can shine. It should be fresh and served at room temperature. I generally think of burrata with vine ripe tomatoes and olive oil. It is the perfect canvas and partner for good olive oil.
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  • Warm Winter Salads

    Salad lovers, take heart. While summer salads are all crunchy and refreshing, winter salads can be warm and luxurious.  Salads in winter take on a different persona than their summer cousins.  Winter salads have a responsibility to deliver the refreshing experience of a salad but with richer and deeper flavors and textures. Preparation is simple and so is clean up - charming attributes in any season.
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  • Red Wine Vinaigrette Recipe

    Tender, heirloom lettuces from our kitchen garden don't need much. Here's an easy, no-fuss recipe from The Olive Harvest cookbook by Gerald Gass for a simple green salad with a red wine vinaigrette.
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