• Lemon Olive Oil from McEvoy Ranch
Lemon Olive Oil from McEvoy Ranch

Lemon Olive Oil

McEvoy Ranch


Estimated Delivery Date: 09/26/2018 - 10/01/2018


This aromatic olive oil is made utilizing the traditional Agrumato method where we simultaneously crush olives and whole Eureka lemons together for exceptional flavor and crisp freshness.

Made with Frantoio, Pendolino, Leccino, and Maurino olive varieties along with organic Eureka lemons. This year’s release has bright notes of lemon zest with both the sweet and tart taste of lemons with a hint of pepper. It adds tremendous seasoning to your dishes.

A few pairing suggestions from our Mill Master:

  • Use as a finish for grilled or poached salmon.
  • Drizzle over goat cheese or fromage blanc.
  • Try it with roasted asparagus or use to marinate chicken.
  • Finish grilled artichokes with lemon olive oil.
  • Use instead of butter in your favorite lemon scone recipe.
  • Kick up your gazpacho by adding this in place of regular olive oil for extra zing.

420 cases.
GOLD & BEST OF CLASS  - Yolo County Fair

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