• McEvoy Ranch Olio Nuovo - 375 ml

Olio Nuovo Olive Oil - 375 ml

McEvoy Ranch


We can't wait! The end of harvest is the beginning of the Olio Nuovo celebration season.

Steeped in the Italian tradition of creating a "New Oil," our 2018 bottling can be summed up in one word - GREEN. Phenomenal notes of green olive, raw artichoke, freshly cut grass, and the herbaceous flavors of bitter greens and green tea. There's an ever so slight hint of cinnamon from the Leccino olive that enthralls us. Balanced with just a bit of bitterness so you know it is Olio Nuovo with a pungency in the throat that reminds you why old traditions are good to keep.

There's no waiting allowed when we're creating this Extra Virgin Olio Nuovo. The olives are picked straight from the tree then go to the Frantoio (our onsite mill), and then to the bottle without resting and without the solids settling out. It's an intensive process and we love the result. We blend several of our Italian olive varieties with Frantoio as the backbone. This gives it the fruitiness, balance, and pungency that are hallmarks of a classic Tuscan-style olive oil.

Limited in production, Olio Nuovo is only available for a few short months following the autumn harvest.

This timely Olive Oil cake recipe that Culinary Director Jacquelyn Buchanan tried might inspire you too.

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