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OTHER - Olive Oil & Culinary
Enjoying the idyllic ranch life includes an opportunity to bring fresh items from our kitchen table to yours. We offer a myriad of delectable culinary items created by specialty artisan producers that are perfect for home use or as a thoughtful gift.


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  1. Olive oil a field guide book sold by McEvoy Ranch

    Olive Oil - A Field Guide

    The indispensable reference for olive oil professionals and enthusiasts, Olive Oil: A Field Guide is a global guide to olive oil quality, presenting authoritative and unbiased information in a user-friendly format, featuring 30 full-color photos and illustrations. learn more »
  2. 3 inch olivewood salt spoon from McEvoy Ranch

    Salt Spoon Olive Wood 3"

    Perfect to go with small pinch bowls as a set. Excellent to give as a gift topper tied with a bow. This salt spoon is handcrafted from a single piece of Mediterranean olive wood and hand finished. Made in France. learn more »
  3. 4 inch olivewood condiment spoon from McEvoy Ranch

    Condiment Spoon Olive Wood 4"

    Small and delicate, yet extremely functional. This spoon works nicely with tapenades, chutney, whole grain Dijon mustard, or other condiments. Durable daily use and made in France. learn more »

  4. 6 inch olivewood olive pick from McEvoy Ranch

    Olive Pick Olive Wood 6"

    We’re known for our certified organic extra virgin olive oil so, trust us when we say, this is a delightful way to eat olives. Place a few olives in a small glass or wood bowl and use this handy olive pick. Made in France. learn more »
  5. 12 inch olivewood pointed spoon from McEvoy Ranch

    Olive Wood Pointed Spoon 12"

    Ideal for using with a cast iron frying pan, the edges of your mixing bowl, or your beloved copper pot, Wooden spoons are gentle on pans and don’t scratch. Olive wood utensils are heat resistant and are durable. Made in France. learn more »
  6. Olivewood easy handle spoon - 12 inches from McEvoy Ranch

    Easy Handle Olive Wood Spoon 12"

    Ergonomically-sound, this spoon has a delightful texture and easy grip. Use it for cooking risotto or polenta, dishes that require constant stirring, or serving. Olive wood utensils are heat resistant and durable for everyday use. Finished by hand and made in France. learn more »

  7. 3" Olivewood Pinch bowl from McEvoy Ranch

    Pinch Bowl Olive Wood 3”

    One of our favorite items and the quintessential way to serve salt. For variety, use several at a time and fill with different salts – Himalayan Pink, Black Truffle, Fleur de Sel, or whatever tickles your fancy, Also good for putting olive pits or other small items. Matches with the Paddle Board if you’re looking for gift items. Made in France. learn more »

  8. Olivewood dipping bowl from McEvoy Ranch in California

    Dipping Bowl Olive Wood 5”

    We love how beautiful these bowls look and their practical nature. Ideal for serving nuts or dried fruit. Pairs nicely when on a cheese board of your choosing. Fancy up your home office by storing paperclips or other small items in them. Made in France. learn more »

  9. Olivewood honey jar with dipper from McEvoy Ranch

    Honey Jar With Dipper Olive Wood

    A beautiful container makes everything better. This honey jar is no exception. Use it with orange blossom, lavender, or our own Wildflower honey. Turned on the lathe from a single block of olive wood, it will add flair to your table. Made in France. learn more »

  10. Rustic Paddle Board made from olivewood

    Rustic Olive Wood Paddle Board

    The perfect (and easy!) way to display a charcuterie plate. Add your favorite dry-cured salumi (prosciutto, jamón, or coppa are examples,) brined olives, toasted nuts, or even a pâté and some pickled vegetables, This beautiful board can also be used as serving tray. Resistant to sharp knives. Made in France. learn more »

  11. McEvoy Ranch organically produced apple butter

    Apple Butter

    Grown organically on our Ranch, Gravenstein and Granny Smith apples give this apple butter the perfect flavor. Spread this on a roasted turkey or ham sandwich with your favorite creamy Brie. Delicious in an apple butter spiced cake. Super easy for an afternoon snack with sliced fresh fruit. Morning options are even more versatile...on a piece of toast, in your oatmeal, added to cottage cheese, or whipped in your favorite smoothie concoction. learn more »
  12. Tuscan table olive organically produced by McEvoy Ranch

    Tuscan Table Olives

    A crisp and flavorful blend of California-grown Tuscan olives learn more »
  13. Organic Wildflower Honey from McEvoy Ranch in CA

    Wildflower Honey

    As part of our commitment to sustainability, we collaborated with a longtime beekeeper to collect and bottle this honey. Our Wildflower Honey learn more »

DELECTABLE OFFERINGS Dynamic flavors. Specialty items. Handpicked for you.



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