Olive Oil Skin Benefits

Olive Oil Benefits for Your Skin


Hydrate Your Skin with ODE Natural Beauty: Our Story

ODE Natural Beauty is an eco-luxe beauty collection that sources early-harvest, certified-organic, extra virgin olive oil from our coastal olive orchards in Marin County, California. Each of our products boasts the benefits of early harvest olive oil and other botanical extracts that benefit the skin.  

Taking inspiration from our family farm (McEvoy Ranch), the ODE beauty collection pays homage to Northern California’s diverse botanical landscape. We are proud to be part of a green beauty, eco-luxe movement to develop natural formulations that are healthy, hydrating, and beautifully packaged. Our beauty products can be used as part of your daily beauty ritual to hydrate your skin and hair. Our products let you experience a piece of life here at our beautiful coastal ranch.

The Benefits of Olive Oil For Skin Care, Body Care, and Hair

Olive oil’s rich history of cultural and religious significance comes from its contribution to health, wellness, nutrition, and beauty. For centuries, olive oil has been ascribed with healing abilities and used in medicinal ointments. In addition, the lore of olive oil as a beauty aid has also endured the test of time. Cleopatra’s iconic beauty and “glow” has been attributed to her use of olive oil on her hair, face, and body. Olive oil is naturally hydrating and can both cleanse and protect skin and hair.

At McEvoy Ranch, we grow and mill our olives in the Tuscan tradition, which calls for an early harvest. The autumn frosts in Tuscany prompt farmers to harvest their fruit earlier than other regions, resulting in a grassy, green, pungent, flavorful olive oil. Early harvest olive oil abounds with polyphenols, a type of antioxidant. These polyphenols are good for the body inside and out: they reduce inflammation, fight free radicals that damage the skin, and provide anti-aging benefits.

Our olive oil also contains naturally occurring vitamin E and squalane  - a known ingredient that assists with hydration to skin by mimicking skins natural sebum. The cosmetic industry has long relied on the benefits of squalane, but has unsustainably harvested deep sea sharks to procure it. Olive oil is a sustainable source for squalane, an essential qualification for all our ingredient choices for ODE. We are Leaping Bunny certified and source all ingredients from trusted ethical green beauty suppliers.

Ranch Inspiration

ODE natural beauty is our poetic tribute to the land and people of McEvoy Ranch. Each scent blend bloomed from a singular vignette at the ranch. Our products are formulated to hydrate skin & hair using essential oil blends of beneficial botanicals with a particular eye toward our region.

Signature Scents

Citrus Oro
Scented with essential oils & extracts of Oroblanco grapefruit, amyris, rose geranium, pink peppercorn & patchouli –this scent is designed to evoke the sparkling lift of citrus and the sultry allure of woodsy notes. Citrus Oro is amorous and daring. The collection takes its inspiration from the Wintertime citrus fruit, capturing the dark notes of California dusk and the bright warmth of a coastal dawn.

Our signature scent -inspired by the smell of our Northern California organic ranch in summertime. It is the smell of freshly cut green grass, tomato leaves, basil and green olives. Our top selling scent. Popular with both men and women for its fresh and clean scent.

Scented with a subtle and sweet essential oil of lavender  layered with essential oils of ylang ylang, lemon and lime. Please note: the Lavender items are “fragrance free” meaning that they contain no synthetic fragrances. Scented exclusively with essential oils. Suitable for everyone –especially those seeking products with no synthetic fragrance.

Bohemian Rose
Scented using essential oils of orange blossom, rose, ylang ylang, geranium and pink peppercorn, this is a youthful take on a floral bouquet with a note of rose.  It’s modern, complex, interesting, and alluring. Bohemian Rose takes inspiration from the bohemian spirit of Nan McEvoy and all the progressive, bold women at McEvoy Ranch.  The rose was always Nan’s favorite flower. This product is “fragrance free” –meaning that it contains no synthetic fragrances.