2015 Saimuun Sangiovese


Grown at the La Vigne Vineyard in Maremma's Montecucco region in Tuscany. This ICEA-certified organic vineyard has limestone soil with volcanic rock as a result of the Monte Amiata volcano eruption centuries ago. The area is cooled by winds from the Tyrrhenian coast that is about 70 miles west. This microclimate leads to wines that are fresh with rich fruit and notes of minerality and salinity.

The 2015 Saimuun Sangiovese begins with a sense of red plum, raspberry, violet, cigar box, and cinnamon. It then flows to more earthy tones including Porcini mushrooms and leather. The next layer of flavors unveil as mulberry, black fig, a delightful sour cherry, pomegranate, and cinnamon stick. Citrus notes of blood orange dipped in dark chocolate and grapefruit round out the finish with mouth-watering juiciness that brings you back for more. This wine has all the traditional Sangiovese qualities one expects ‰ÛÒ dusty, musky, and cedar ‰ÛÒ with firm tannins. Barrel-aged for 18 months.

800 cases


North Of The Gate Wine Competition - Gold
Sommelier International Wine Competition - Silver

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