Foodie Extraordinaire Gift Set

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Harvest: 2023

Introducing the Foodie Extraordinaire Gift Set – a culinary delight that brings together the finest flavors for the discerning food lover. Whether you're an aspiring chef or simply appreciate gourmet ingredients, this collection is a feast for the senses. Gift the Foodie Extraordinaire Gift Set to someone special or treat yourself to a culinary adventure! 

Includes each of the following:

1. Cooking Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ML - Crafted from the finest organic olives, this mild extra virgin olive oil elevates your cooking to new heights. Perfect for grilled vegetables or baking a moist cake.    
2. Organic EVOO 375 ML - Our Organic EVOO is a true kitchen staple. Its fruity notes and peppery finish make it ideal for dipping crusty bread or drizzling over your favorite dishes.    
3. Organic Lemon Olive Oil 100 ML - Zesty and refreshing, our Organic Lemon Olive Oil adds a citrusy twist to salads, seafood, and marinades.    
4. Organic Basil Olive Oil 100 ML -  Fresh organic basil co-mingled with estate grown organic olives in this aromatic blend.   
5. Champagne Vinegar 250 ML - Our Champagne Vinegar delicate acidity and subtle sweetness complement a variety of dishes and mixes beautifully with our EVOO for the perfect salad dressings.    
6. Black Olive Tapenade 7 OZ - A savory spread made from ripe black olives, capers, and herbs.    
7. Bruschetta Artichoke Lemon 10 OZ - This delightful bruschetta combines artichokes, lemon zest, and herbs.    
8. Sweet & Spicy Mustard 10 OZ - A tantalizing blend of sweet and spicy.    
9. Ginger Jam 10 OZ - a unique twist on traditional jam it balances sweetness with a hint of warm spice.    
10. Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread
11. Colorful Mini Laguiole Spreader Cheese


Our early-harvest olive oil is high in antioxidants and has additional powerful properties that are shown to:

• Reduce Inflammation
• Improve Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
• Fight Cancer-Causing Free Radicals
• Provide Anti-Aging Benefits
• Reduce Risk of Stroke

Nutritional Information

Packaged in a custom McEvoy Ranch gift box making it gift-ready!