Extra Virgin Pantry Essentials

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Harvest: 2023

It's the best of both worlds, our versatile Extra Virgin Cooking Olive Oil, and our robust Organic EVOO Finishing Oil. With these two in your pantry, you are always ready to make a delicious and healthy meal. 

It’s all about your desired outcome when deciding between our Extra Virgin Cooking Olive Oil and our Finishing Olive Oils. If you're looking to cook with a healthy oil and want the flavors of your food to shine through, our Extra Virgin Cooking Olive Oil is a perfect choice. If you're seeking olive oil-forward, rich, and robust flavors, our Finishing Olive Oils are the answer!

Includes each of the following:

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375 ML
Organic Extra Virgin Cooking Olive Oil 500 ML

Did you know? Refined oils such as Corn Oil, Canola Oil, and Vegetable Blends often used for cooking are extracted from plants using harsh chemical solvents such as hexane and subsequently processed with other chemicals such as acids, caustic soda, and bleach, which fundamentally alter the oils to make them edible (while also creating many unpleasant byproducts). Unlike refined oils, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made by physically crushing olives and is ready to enjoy without any chemical alterations. With a smoke point averaging 405°F and high oxidative stability, EVOO retains significantly high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols during cooking.

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