Ultimate Wedding Gift

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Harvest: 2023

Celebrate love and culinary delight with our exquisite Ultimate Wedding Gift Set. This carefully curated collection combines the finest flavors and elegant essentials, making it the perfect present for the newlyweds. From organic estate-produced olive oils to delectable spreads, each item in this set is a testament to quality and taste. This gift set is a harmonious blend of flavors, elegance, and thoughtful touches. Whether the couple enjoys cooking together or savoring gourmet treats, they'll appreciate this heartfelt gesture.

Organic EVOO 375 ML - Our Organic EVOO is a true kitchen staple. Its fruity notes and peppery finish make it ideal for dipping crusty bread or drizzling over your favorite dishes.
Organic Lemon Olive Oil 100 ML - Zesty and refreshing, our Organic Lemon Olive Oil adds a citrusy twist to salads, seafood, and marinades. 
Organic Jalapeno Olive Oil 100 ML - adds a bit of heat and fresh green jalapeno to any dish.
Organic Rosemary Olive Oil 100 ML - Fragrant rosemary meets organic estate-produced olive oil in this aromatic blend.
Classic Italian Bruschetta 10 OZ - Bursting with sun-ripened tomatoes, garlic, and basil, it’s a flavor-packed delight Raise a toast to love with these elegant stemless flutes.
 Chardonnay Mustard 10  OZ - A gourmet mustard infused with the richness of Chardonnay wine.
• Savory Fig Jam 9.5 OZ - Sweet meets savory in our fig jam. 
• Glass House Sparkling Wine - Raise your glasses to the couple’s happiness! Our McEvoy Glass House Sparkling wine is effervescent, crisp, and celebratory. 
• Spicy Green Olive Tapenade 7 OZ - our spicy green olive tapenade is a versatile spread that pairs well with crusty bread, grilled meats, or pasta. 
Colorful Mini Laguiole Spreader Cheese 

Our early-harvest olive oil is high in antioxidants and has additional powerful properties that are shown to:

• Reduce Inflammation
• Improve Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
• Fight Cancer-Causing Free Radicals
• Provide Anti-Aging Benefits
• Reduce Risk of Stroke

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