Garlic Olive Oil

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Harvest: 2022

Spicy, earthy, and pungent, our estate-produced Garlic Olive Oil is full of flavors that complement almost any savory dish. Milled using the Argumato Method, always pressed, never infused, with whole certified organic Gilroy garlic cloves alongside 100% Frantoio olives, this oil is rich in garlic flavor and the perfect addition to roasted vegetables, dips, or drizzled over a fresh pizza. Use this oil anytime you need garlic and taste the fresh, vibrant tastes of the California-grown ingredients in your dish. 

Our early-harvest olive oil is high in antioxidants and has additional powerful properties that are shown to:

• Reduce Inflammation
• Improve Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
• Fight Cancer-Causing Free Radicals
• Provide Anti-Aging Benefits
• Reduce the Risk of Stroke

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