Rosemary Olive Oil

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Harvest: 2021

This fresh, aromatic olive oil is made using the Agrumato Method, where early harvest olives are milled together with fresh, organic rosemary to create a rustic, yet elegant olive oil with a deep, earthy, rich rosemary aroma. The flavor is savory and herbaceous with a touch of pepper. Drizzle over a white bean soup or use in place of butter for mashed potatoes or yams. For added depth, blend with our Garlic Olive Oil and use as a unique dipping oil with artisan bread. Milled with a blend of Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino olives.

Bonus! Our 100 ML bottles now include a built-in pourer to save oil and keep your bottles clean.

Our Early Harvest Olive Oil is high in antioxidants and has additional powerful properties that are shown to:

• Reduce Inflammation
• Improve Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
• Fight Cancer-Causing Free Radicals
• Provide Anti-Aging Benefits
• Reduce Risk of Stroke

Our Senior Brand Manager, Helen, loves using our Rosemary Olive Oil for roast chicken and vegetables, in soups, for dipping, and even in sweet dishes like shortbread or over ice cream. Rosemary’s added antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and numerous other health benefits make this olive oil her go-to for everyday cooking.

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