• Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam by McEvoy Ranch
Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam by McEvoy Ranch

Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam

McEvoy Ranch


Estimated Delivery Date: 03/22/2019 - 03/27/2019


A multipurpose powerhouse. Stir our Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam into corn chowder or cauliflower purée soup. Slather it on your hot dog instead of ordinary ketchup. Simmer it with a pot of black beans for a hearty dish. Top off a grilled skirt steak or deglaze a pan with it to create a sauce. Try it on top of creamy polenta. Add to a grilled cheese sandwich, veggie burger, or gooey tuna melt. Make an unexpected appetizer as a savory pastry “thumbprint cookie.” This jam will take everything up a notch!

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