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McEvoy Ranch Bunny Gate

The location of McEvoy Ranch, on the western edge of the American continent, is no coincidence. The McEvoy family story is rooted in the maverick approach to life that defined the West. The passion to create something new is inspired by our love of the land.

That inspiration motivated Founder Nan McEvoy to purchase our sprawling ranch in West Marin County in 1990 and plant Tuscan olive varieties, something that was unheard of in the California landscape at that time. Fast-forward nearly thirty years and McEvoy Ranch is one of the preeminent leaders in certified organic extra virgin olive oil. When Nion McEvoy, Nan’s son became CEO in 2014, the farm-to-table approach resonated and he expanded our Culinary Collection as well as our limited-edition wine offerings.

Our prime location in the Petaluma Gap provides us an unbelieveable landscape to work with. The impact of the Pacific Ocean’s breezes that roll through the Gap and our distinct soil lend our orchards and vineyards distinctive flavor profiles. Maintaining a healthy balance with our natural surroundings is important to us and represents our commitment to sustainable farming for the next generation.

In addition to food and wine, McEvoy Ranch has a natural beauty collection, ODE. Certified by the Leaping Bunny organization, the products are infused with early harvest olive oil and inspried by the scents from the plethora of flora on the Ranch.

What some call “west of ordinary,” we think it extraordinary.

Join us as we continue on the journey.

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