Tours and Workshops - McEvoy Ranch



NEW Ranch Tour dates just added!

Our onsite wine tasting room is now open by appointment only. We hope you'll come try our wines with us!

As McEvoy Ranch is a private residence, we can only receive guests for scheduled events. In support of the community, we donate a portion of the fee from each public tour to local nonprofits.

Email:  Phone: 707.769.4138 


  1. Ranch Tour

    Ranch Tour

    Join us for an overview of our history, commitment to environmental responsibility, wine program and award-winning olive oil production. learn more »
  2. Cooking from the Garden

    Cooking from the Garden

    Join us for a spring-inspired, garden to table experience, enjoying the bounty of our kitchen gardens and tasting our wines. learn more »
  3. Olive Tree Pest + Disease Management Workshop Using Organic Methods

    Olive Tree Pest + Disease Management Workshop Using Organic Methods

    Join us for a comprehensive workshop covering orchard pest and disease management issues, geared to small and mid-size growers. learn more »
  4. Olive Orchard Management Workshop

    Olive Orchard Management Workshop

    Join us for a workshop walking participants through all aspects of olive orchard management, season by season. learn more »
  5. Olive Tree Pruning Workshop

    Olive Tree Pruning Workshop

    Join us for a workshop outlining some of the considerations for pruning productive, fruit-bearing olive trees and helping finesse your pruning techniques. learn more »