2013 Limited Edition

2013 Limited Edition


The wide variety of olive trees growing on the ranch and an opportunity to experiment with different milling methods were a natural source of inspiration for our master oil makers. Our Limited Edition extra virgin olive oil is a result of that creative impulse.

This year’s artwork also graces our winery’s inaugural proprietary blend, Red Piano. The 2013 Limited Edition is a blend of olives from our Moraiolo, Frantoio and Coratina trees. The intense floral aromas and robust fruit flavors of Moraiolo (85%) and the depth and complexity of Frantoio (12%) are complemented by Coratina’s peppery note (3%). This oil has a bold green fruit flavor with a modest astringency. It is well-balanced with no discernible bitterness and a long, peppery finish. Elegant aromas of garden greens, fresh-cut grass and wild radish reflect the McEvoy Ranch terroir.

The 2013 is sold out. Look for our 2014 Limited Edition at the end of May!

Additional Information

Oil Size 375 ml