McEvoy Ranch

California Olive Oil from McEvoy Ranch

 Certified Organic, Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil   |   Made in California

80 Acres Body Care Cedarwood Candle

80 Acres Body Care   |   Made in California

McEvoy Ranch Organic Grapes

McEvoy Ranch Wine   |   Marin County, California

McEvoy Ranch Organic Grapes and Organic Olives

McEvoy Ranch   |  Winemakers   |    Producers of California Extra Virgin Olive 

McEvoy Ranch, Petaluma, California

We strive to realize Nan McEvoy's vision of excellence
in the union of agricultural production and land stewardship.

80 Acres Cedar Candle

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Wine +Unwind

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Organic McEvoy Ranch Olives

Olive Milling

Mill your 2014 crop at McEvoy Ranch.