The Body Care you know and love has been reimagined with recyclable packaging and modernized scents to usher this beloved line into a new era. We've elevated these aspects without changing our incredibly effective, all-natural formulas, so you can purchase your favorite products with familiar confidence. We invite you to explore this newly refreshed, beautiful re-imagination of ODE Olive Oil Body Care.

“The skin surface of our face and neck is only 2-3.5% of our entire body, but we spend 95% of our time, effort, and beauty products on the face. It’s body care’s time.” notes Kym Hough, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer

- Modernized Scents - 

The scents of ODE Olive Oil Body Care have been reimagined to present a layered, dimensional experience that evokes the natural scents of the Ranch. We blend botanically-based, hypoallergenic ingredients that are manufactured in California with ethical and eco-friendly partners. 

Unscented Our Unscented Collection is fragrance-free with all the hydrating, healing skin benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for those who have sensitive skin or prefer to layer with their own fragrance. Shop Now →

Lavender Distinct and calming lavender pairs beautifully with notes of jasmine, tuberose, and sandalwood to create an uplifting, modern blend to support peace and wellbeing. Shop Now →

Citrus Energize your senses with uplifting notes of orange citrus and spicy ginger blended with earthy vetiver for a bright, warm feeling; a modern twist on a classic scent. Shop Now →

Verde Fresh cut grass is layered with notes of herbaceous basil, green olive, and ripe tomato leaf, giving our signature scent the distinct and uplifting feeling of the outdoors. Shop Now →

- New Sustainable Packaging - 

“With our packaging redesign, we set out to create something that is elegant and contemporary while still holding true to our environmental ideals. By minimizing plastic and using natural elements like bamboo, we’ve created a look that feels thoughtful, giftable, and luxurious,” describes Helen McEvoy, granddaughter to the founder and driving force behind ODE Olive Oil Beauty.

  • We have reduced our plastic packaging by 90% with our new aluminum tubes, glass bottles and bamboo caps
  • Reusable pumps are sold separately to reduce landfill waste
  • New growler (59 Fl Oz) size refill bottles 8x are available in all scents for both Hand & Body Wash and Lotion
  • Our gift boxes are recyclable and come in four beautiful, new colors.


Shop our ODE Olive Oil Body Care Colleciton →

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