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Whether you live near or far, you too can enjoy all the benefits of the Social Club, including a 15% discount on hundreds of McEvoy Ranch products*. If you’re a local or visiting the Bay Area, receive Club pricing on tastings, tours, and much more. Three times a year, a curated assortment of the best the Ranch has to offer will be available for pick-up at the Ranch or sent directly to your home. Are you a foodie, a wine connoisseur, or both? We have a membership designed just for you!

To learn more about our Social Club and membership benefits call (707) 778-2307 or email [email protected]

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*Discount available online and at our Ranch store.


THE ORCHARD<br><span>(Culinary)</span>


$140 + Tax
(Shipping Included)

Pour, drizzle, and dip from this flavorful, abundant allocation. From our delicious new Fig Balsamic Vinegar to Coffee, Sea Salt Caramel Sauce, and Sweet & Spicy Mustard, this assortment is designed for all your fall gatherings and celebrations.

• Rosemary Olive Oil 375 ML
• Lemon Olive Oil 375 ML
• Jalapeño Olive Oil 100 ML
• Mission Fig Balsamic Vinegar 250 ML
• Sweet & Spicy Mustard 10 OZ
• Smokey Sweet Tomato Jam 10 OZ
• Artichoke & Almond Tapenade 7 OZ
• Sea Salt Caramel Sauce 11 OZ
• Dark Roast Coffee Beans 8 OZ
• Rustic Bakery Apricot Pistachio & Brandy Artisan Crips 5 OZ (not pictured)
THE VINEYARD<br><span>(Wine)</span>


$148 + Tax
(Shipping Included)

Make a toast with family and friends over a glass from this wonderful assortment of McEvoy Ranch wines. Whether you break into your exclusive early release of our 2021 Blue Sky Chardonnay or pour a glass of our inaugural 2021 Wildflower White Blend, we hope these wines give you a reason to gather and be grateful this season. Please Note, The Vineyard ONLY ships to California.

• 2021 Blue Sky Chardonnay
• 2021 Wildflower White Blend
• 2021 Real Prince Domino Freisa
• 2019 Evening Standard Pinot Noir
• Gold-Plated Skink Corkscrew
THE ESTATE <br><span>(Culinary & Wine)</span>

(Culinary & Wine)

$255 + Tax
(Shipping Included)

Kick off the season of celebration and gatherings with this broad and flavorful assortment of our favorite products for fall! We’ve included an exclusive early release of our 2021 Blue Sky Chardonnay, our 2021 Wildflower White Blend, and a festive Holiday 750 ML bottling of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to enjoy with your loved ones.  Please Note, The Estate ONLY ships to California.

• Holiday Editon Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ML
• Rosemary Olive Oil 375 ML
• Lemon Olive Oil 100 ML
• 2021 Blue Sky Chardonnay
• 2021 Wildflower White Blend
• 2019 Evening Standard Pinot Noir
• Champagne Vinegar 250 ML
• Mini Mustard Gift Pack 2 OZ
• Dark Chocolate Sauce 11 OZ
• Dark Roast Coffee Beans 8 OZ
Gift A Membership: The Orchard<br>

Gift A Membership: The Orchard

The Gift That Keeps Giving

It's more than a gift, it's a year of award-winning California products packaged in a beautiful gift box 3x/year, an exclusive community of like-minded individuals, and 15% OFF McEvoy Ranch products & experiences.

* The Orchard is the only membership available as a gift

McEvoy Ranch Social Club Member Benefits as of 3.1.22
         * Price ranges for each tier allow us the flexibility to select the best products assortment each season. Shipping is included.
       ** In-store & online; exclusions apply.
    *** Additional guests will receive the Social Club 15% discount off the regular prices - maximum group size is 6 individuals
   **** Any group of 9 or more individuals is considered a private event.

2022 ALLOCATION RELEASE SCHEDULE:   Spring - March     Summer - June     Fall - October


Join us at our Ranch for Pick-Ups or have your allocation shipped to you for no additional charge.


Early access to products, workshops, and events through our Member-exclusive digital newsletter. 15% OFF discount on McEvoy Ranch, ODE Olive Oil Beauty, and ODE Oasis Products (Online and at the Ranch Retail Shop) and Ranch Events and Workshops.


Complimentary by-appointment-only Guided Olive Oil Tastings and Weekend Walkabout Tours plus discounts for guests. Special pricing on member-hosted private tours and events.