Nursery - McEvoy Ranch

  1. Aglandau


    A French varietal used for both oil and table olives; the oil is highly regarded and keeps well. learn more »
  2. Arbequina


    A Spanish varietal with lower yield of mild, flowery oil but high, constant productivity. learn more »
  3. Ascolano


    A table and oil varietal from central Italy that produces large fruit that ripens early. learn more »
  4. Carolea


    An oil and table olive producer from Calabria, Italy with medium oil content of good quality with medium to large-sized fruit. learn more »
  5. Casaliva


    An Italian variety that is both vigorous and consistently productive; its drooping branches give it a “weeping willow” look. learn more »
  6. Cayon


    A strongly auto-compatible French varietal used for oil and cured black olive production. learn more »
  7. Coratina


    This late ripener from Puglia, Italy offers very fruity flavor to oil mixtures. learn more »
  8. Frantoio


    A Tuscan variety that consistently produces very fruity, pungent oil. The medium-sized fruit ripens on the late side. learn more »
  9. Itrana


    A varietal from Lazio, Italy that produces both good oil and wonderful olives for curing. learn more »
  10. Kalamon


    A Greek varietal, commonly known as Kalamata, known for its exceptional curing olives. learn more »
  11. Koroneiki


    Greece's most abundant oil producing varietal, used extensively in California's super high-density orchards due to its ability to pollinate and produce superior oil. learn more »
  12. Leccino


    A Tuscan tree that produces good, mildly fruity oil; the fruit also lends itself to black, salt-cured table olives. learn more »
  13. Manzanillo


    One of the most widespread table olive varietals in the world, originally from Spain and now favored by the California canning industry. learn more »
  14. Maurino


    A compact tree from Tuscany good for hedgerows and especially windy areas; it is known as a pollinator because of its profuse flowering. learn more »
  15. Mission


    The closest California has to a native olive tree, with an array of genotypes found throughout the state. learn more »
  16. Moraiolo


    A Tuscan oil-producing varietal that yields exceptional, fruity olive oil. learn more »
  17. Nocellara del Belice

    Nocellara del Belice

    A dual-purpose olive from Sicily that bears fruit for both delicious, brine-cured, green olives and a very delicate, fruity oil. learn more »
  18. Ogliarola


    A hardy, Puglian varietal that produces hghly-rated oil. learn more »
  19. Pendolino


    A Tuscan varietal that produces early-ripening fruit with a light, delicate quality. learn more »
  20. Peranzana


    A Puglian variety that produces oil with high polyphenol content. learn more »
  21. Picholine


    A popular, dual-purpose French varietal commonly picked early for green table olives. learn more »
  22. Picual


    Spain's most abundant varietal, producing a stable oil with a high oleic acid content. learn more »
  23. Rosciola


    An Italian varietal with small fruit that makes excellent oil and has good resistance to cold. learn more »
  24. Santa Caterina

    Santa Caterina

    A lesser-known, hardy Italian varietal with an open, leggy canopy and freestone fruit. learn more »
  25. Sevillano


    This dual-purpose Spanish varietal has been planted extensively in the California Central Valley for the canned olive industry. learn more »
  26. Taggiasca


    A cold-resistant Ligurian varietal noted for its high oil-extraction yields. learn more »