Bruschetta to the Rescue #2

Chicken Cutlets with McEvoy Ranch Classic Italian BruschettaChicken Cutlets with McEvoy Ranch Classic Italian Bruschetta Our last bruschetta rescue was a “put together in 15 minutes” dinner or lunch that did not even involve a stove. This is a very different rescue. It does require some fussing - actually a fair amount of fussing. The fussing part, however, can all be done ahead and then you can use McEvoy Ranch Classic Italian Bruschetta and show up with a great dish that really doesn’t take much time. It does, however, involve a stove. Breaded chicken cutlets have unfortunately become “chicken fingers” in the bad food world. When breaded cutlets are made from scratch with fresh quality ingredients, they are a delightful classic dish. They are satisfying in that juicy, crunchy way we all love. They require a little work but can mostly be prepped ahead and cooked at the last minute. They will make everyone very happy and you will be a hero. Are you in? If so, here goes. Breaded Chicken Cutlets with McEvoy Ranch Classic Italian Bruschetta Crispy, crunchy cutlets when they are fresh, use quality ingredients and are well cooked are a crowd favorite if your crowd is preschool or very post school. This can be a quick dinner, a great sandwich or a superb appetizer. The Classic Italian Bruschetta provides a yummy easy sauce. Ingredients 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast Kosher salt and ground black pepper ½ cup all purpose flour 2 eggs, beaten with 1 tablespoon water 1½ cup panko bread crumbs McEvoy Ranch California Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil for pan frying McEvoy Ranch Classic Italian Bruschetta Directions • Trim off the tenderloin from the breasts and set aside. • Cut breasts in half horizontally, holding the top and slicing in through the thick side. • Cut the two pieces of the butterflied breasts apart. • Place the four pieces - not the tenderloins - inside a ziplock bag and close. • Pound the breast pieces with a rolling pin or a meat mallet into cutlets, approximately ¼ inch thick. • Salt and pepper cutlets and tenderloin pieces. • Dredge each cutlet in flour, then egg, then panko crumbs. Set aside until ready to cook. These can be refrigerated up to overnight. • Warm approximately ¼ inch of olive oil in a heavy pan until it shimmers. Test to see if the oil is hot enough by dropping a few bread crumbs in to see if they sizzle. • Place cutlets in pan with plenty of room around them so they are not touching and can be easily turned. • Cook approximately 3 minutes on each side until crumbs are nicely browned and the meat is cooked through. • Remove and let drain on a paper towel. • Serve with warmed Classic Italian Bruschetta. img_1505 Cutting off tenderloin img_1507 Cutting through breast img_1513 Pieces salt and peppered img_1514 Breading station img_1516 Cutlets breaded This classic breading technique works for everything from chicken to pork to zucchini sticks - and now you know how to do it. Hooray! Toast a ciabatta roll, tuck in that breaded cutlet, add the Classic Italian Bruschetta - cheese or not - your choice. Pour yourself a glass of McEvoy Ranch Evening Standard Pinot Noir or Il Poggio Montepulciano and enjoy a yummy, crunchy treat!