McEvoy Ranch Limited Edition Olive Oil with Peaches and Fresh Ricotta


Summer fruit is on the way!

In spite of the current late rains, there were warm days in the middle of this long rainy winter. Fields and gardens are flourishing and Spring fruit is beginning to appear at the Farmer's Markets. Aromatic tender strawberries that actually taste like strawberries have already arrived and stone fruit is beginning. Apricots are usually the first to arrive and a few small but flavorful early peaches have made an appearance. McEvoy Ranch has a spectacular Spring release as well- Limited Edition Olive Oil 2019R. Each year, the Mill Master identifies a lot of oil that holds particular promise. The season's warm weather allowed Coratina, normally a late ripening cultivar, to experience a longer hang time and late ripening creating an exquisite oil that is both robust and lithe. We knew it was good when we tasted it but it was confirmed with a recent Trifecta of awards at the California State Fair - Gold Medal, Best of Class and Best of California. An oil this good will enhance anything, but the perfectly balanced elegance of it shines with this Spring fruit. Serve it with fresh tender Spring greens, some Bellwether Farms fresh basket ricotta and you will be richly rewarded. Grilling the peaches is optional but it does bring out the sweetness if the peaches are slightly under-ripe. As Summer deepens and other fruit ripens, don't miss the opportunity to drizzle it over some fresh figs!
The Limited Edition is indeed very limited.
We produced just over a thousand bottles. Get it while you can!