Recipe: Tuscan Table Olive Tapenade

Full disclosure: our Tuscan Table Olives have pits and they fall on the smallish end of the cured olive spectrum....two of the reasons we love them most. Left in the natural form, without piercing their flesh to remove their pits, we're able to preserve their flavor more fully. Composed of the same size Italian varietals that we use to produce our Traditional blend extra virgin olive oil, these particular olives range in size from about ..., but looks can be deceiving. They're the most flavorful little shot of salt to nibble on between meals Following our harvest for oil production, these salty little gems are hand-harvested and hand-sorted to ensure that their free of any blemishes, imperfections and even a trace of our McEvoy Ranch nemesis: the elusive fruit fly. Composed of the same size Italian varietals that we use to make our Traditional blend, they're brine-cured with a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar and have a nice crisp texture. They're so enjoyable straight out of the jar with wine and cheese as a snack between meals, but also quite versatile if you like marinating olives with citrus zest, crushed red pepper, fennel seeds or fresh herbs. Try adding them to your next pasta or salads... or your next McEvoy martini.