Artichoke Lemon Bruschetta

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Our Artichoke Lemon Bruschetta is savory with a zesty zing that brightens and elevates any dish. Crafted with California artichokes, savory capers, lemon juice, and our early-harvest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this bruschetta is both fresh and versatile.
How to use:

  • Whisk together with eggs and pop in the oven for an effortless, delicious frittata.
  • Toss with pappardelle pasta, our Organic Garlic Olive Oil, and shaved Parmesan for an easy weeknight meal.
  • Use as a quick topping for petrale sole or other white fish.
  • Use as a topping for crackers on a charcuterie board.
  • Mix together with soft goat cheese, spread on slices of sourdough, and toast in the oven for a delicious appetizer

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