Mama-To-Be Gift Set

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Pamper a mother-to-be with a gift set that will nourish her inside and out, with a few additional accessories for a thoughtful touch.

A bottle of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil will provide her with healthy nutrients to support her well-being, while our skin care products offer a moment of self-pampering and hydration. The soft baby swaddle that’s included is practical yet beautiful, and the Canvas Cooler used to package this set will be used on many picnics, park trips, and play dates to come. With a mama-to-be card included, you can provide your own personal touch with a few words of encouragement and care.

Includes each of the following:
• Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100 ML
• Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket & Hat Set
• Unscented Hand & Body Tube Lotion 2.2 FL OZ
• Daily Moisturizer 0.5 FL OZ
• Olive Creambalm Intensive Moisturizer 0.5 FL OZ
• Insulated Striped Cooler Bag

Did you know? "Recent studies suggest that lactating women should include extra virgin olive oil in their diets. Followers of the Mediterranean diet produce milk with a healthier fatty acid profile, and key nutrients found in olive oil have been found to pass into breast milk. The benefits also extend to breastfeeding moms. Unfortunately, women who breastfeed often suffer from painful cracking of the nipples. Olive oil can help with this problem as well. A 2015 study found that olive oil was highly effective in treating and preventing nipple cracking with no adverse effects. The researchers suggest 3 drops on each nipple after each feeding." - National Olive Oil Association