2023 Under the Willow Vermentino

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With its unique old-world character, the 2023 Under the Willow Vermentino is a wine that will pique your curiosity. This vintage has a more pronounced floral side, yet it retains its signature mineral notes. Its barely perceptible bitterness makes it a fascinating aperitif, and the more subtle fruit profile makes it a versatile companion for a wide range of dishes, from seafood to poultry.

Continuing the look and feel of our Postcards from the Ranch series, this packaging is inspired by a special spot at McEvoy Ranch, Otter’s Nest, a beautiful shaded hideaway overlooking Morelli Pond—the perfect place to enjoy this or any of our McEvoy Ranch wines.

Harvested: October 9, 2023
Appellation:Sonoma County
Vineyard:Las Brisas Vineyard
Bottled:May 23, 2024
Composition:100% Vermentino
Fermentation:Native yeast
Barrel Aging:Neutral French oak barrels
ABV | pH  | TA:13.0% | 3.12 | 6.4 g/l
Production:275 cases