Wildflower White Blend: This delicious white blend is inspired by the captivating view of blooming wildflowers that fill our 550-acre Ranch. Its noticeably floral aroma contributes to its name, and it’s as bright as the saturated hues that pepper the rolling, vibrant hillside in spring and summer.

Blue Sky Chardonnay: Our Blue Sky Chardonnay is a nod to clear skies and the stark blue horizon that outlines our landscape, with a balanced, fresh, and approachable character that reflects an open, welcoming sky. This label depicts the distinctive pavilion located at the Upper Ranch and the graceful, magnificent great egrets you’ll find spotting the skyline.

Poplar Lane Grape Juice: Our Poplar Lane White Grape Juice reflects the sweet enchantment felt when walking down Poplar Lane, a tree-studded path leading to a peaceful pond near our Frantoio or olive mill. Perfect for those moments when you want to relax with a non-alcoholic drink, its delightful sweetness feels like a leisurely stroll beneath swaying branches.

Glass House Sparkling Wine & Glass House Sparkling Rosé: The beautiful Glass House Conservatory on our California Ranch inspired these celebratory, effervescent wines. Brimming with foliage, an abundance of plants soak up generous swaths of light within this flourishing space, housed by panes of glass. The tropical flavors of our sparkling wine reflect the tropical flora, and the fresh, fruity flavors in our sparkling rosé evoke the freshness one feels within this special place. 

Rosebud Rosé: Our refreshing Rosebud Rosé was inspired by the colorful, vibrant gardens nestled beside our Culinary Kitchen. Teeming with fragrant blooms and herbs, our Culinary Garden is a flourishing, humble slice of heaven on earth that contributes its harvest to beautiful bouquets strewn across the Ranch. This rosé is an ode to warm weather, with floral notes reminiscent of rosebuds.


Red Piano Syrah: Our Red Piano Syrah label is inspired by our historic Victorian building in the Upper Ranch courtyard. Inside resides a red piano, originally owned by Elton John and purchased by the family to support his AIDS charity. Our Syrah is a nod to the art of wine and music with gorgeous red color and fruity notes.

Real Prince Domino Barbera: The label of this juicy, deep red Barbera wine is inspired by the rolling hills that make up McEvoy Ranch’s 550-acre property in Petaluma. Here, cows slowly roam the California hillsides that shift from shades of vibrant green to sunkissed beige under the warm summer sunshine.

Long Barn Cabernet Sauvignon: The historic Long Barn, which sits atop a small hill within our beautiful landscape, inspired this cabernet. It is scenic and rustic, overlooking our 50 acres of olive orchards. A crowd-pleaser with a sunny and generous personality, this wine reflects the carefree feeling of relaxing in the sunshine at this charming spot.

Bunny Gate Red Blend: Our Bunny Gate is the memorable gateway that greets you at the entrance of our Ranch. It is accompanied by an artfully sculpted bronze bunny statue, one of many sculptures you’ll find on our property. This red blend reflects the inviting sense of entering our Ranch, with welcoming notes of plum, chocolate, vanilla, and black cherry.

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