It's Just Too Easy To Make Your Own Corn Tortillas

Nixtamalization. That's what I said. Nixtamalization. Who knew that something that sounds like it was diagnosed in a lesser known episode of Grey's Anatomy could produce something as delicious and satisfying as corn tortillas? Nixtamalization is the process of soaking corn in a lime solution, which among other things softens the maize, making it easier to grind. It's also why you make tortillas from masa harina, but not from plain corn meal. Or, more precisely, you can, but you won't be happy. Once you've bought yourself a bag of masa harina (which you can find in pretty much any grocery store), all you need to make your own tortillas is water and a tortilla press. And you really don't even need that; you can press them out with a cast iron pan. Fresh tortillas are so much better than store bought; you can make just as many as you need for your meal and save the remaining dough in the fridge. 101 Cookbooks has a simple recipe, along with some tasty enhancements, that should give you a good start. Read it here. Via 101 Cookbooks