Flour & Olive Cake Mix

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🏆 Flour & Olive Wins Sofi Gold Award in the Baking Mixes Category

We are delighted to introduce you to Flour & Olive's premium cake mixes – Almond, Chocolate, Ginger, and Vanilla – made from a custom blend of unbleached and whole wheat flour and designed to be baked with extra virgin olive oil.

Our high-quality Certified Organic Extra Virgin Cooking Olive Oil makes for the perfect pairing. Its balanced, approachable olive flavor is perfect for everyday cooking and baking. Its subtle aromas and peppery finish are characteristic of high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols, yet it allows the other ingredients to shine without overpowering them.

Want to know more? Check out cooking with EVOO FAQs

These cake mixes were developed with this growing global olive oil connection in mind. It is the unifying ingredient across our cakes, seating the world in its splendid diversity at one olive oil table. "We took great care in developing our recipes to incorporate, as much as possible, specialty ingredients and baking traditions unique to each country. We hope that the cake-making process from purchasing the ingredients, to choosing an extra virgin olive oil and smelling and tasting the cakes will evoke the experience of the country the cake is from." - Estelle Sohne, Founder of Flour & Olive 

For more information on the cakes such as ingredients and baking tips & tricks visit flourandolive.com.