Jalapeño Olive Oil Skink Bowl


This custom ceramic Skink Bowl was inspired by the famous Ranch Western Skink that you will find scurrying all over our 550-Acre Ranch in Northern California. It was created as a companion item to our award-winning olive oils, which also artfully display our favorite resident of the Ranch.

Perfect for dipping any of our McEvoy Ranch olive oils or for use on charcuterie boards.This design pairs beautifully with our Jalapeño Olive Oil, but we have three additional styles to choose from as well;Limited Edition, Lemon, and Traditional Blend Skink Bowl.

Collect them all and have your own McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil Tasting with friends and family this weekend.

Make it a gift and add one of our 7 Occasion Ribbons to this gift for just $3.00! Congratulations, Thank You, and much more. See information at checkout.

Size: Height = 1.75" | Length/Width = 4.25"

Learn more about the origin story of our skink here.